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Meet the Team

Meet Sadie of Vesprini Chiropractic Life Center in Detroit

Sadie, CA

Sadie – Front Office Chiropractic Assistant

Hi, I’m Sadie. I am the front office CA.

Working as a Chiropractic Assistant, I get the pleasure of witnessing, first hand, the healing that chiropractic care can do for our patients.

Not only is Vesprini Chiropractic Life Center a great place to work, it’s also a great place to come for treatment.

Krystal – Chiropractic Assistant

Meet Krystal of Vesprini Chiropractic Life Center in Detroit

Krystal, CA

Hello all! ?I’m Krystal and I’m a Chiropractic Assistant.

Not only do I enjoy caring for others but I also enjoy cooking, spending time with loved ones and just having a good laugh.

Being a CA is exciting because I get to come in contact with many individuals and there’s nothing like a good conversation.

Hopefully, in the near future, I will enjoy having you as a patient while you take part in a natural healing process.

Meet Kelvin of Vesprini Chiropractic Life Center in Detroit

Kelvin, CA

Kelvin – Chiropractic Assistant

Hello everyone, my name is Kelvin and it’s such a pleasure to see you in the Vesprini Chiropractic Life Center office.

In my spare time I’m usually studying for school because I’m graduating very soon. I enjoy the little things in life.

When you come into the office you’ll see me with a smile and an open conversation. My job is to see you achieve optimum health.

Jaime – Office Manager & Billing Specialist

Meet Jamie of Vesprini Chiropractic Life Center in Detroit

Jaime, Office Manager & Billing Specialist

I am the office manager and billing specialist here at Vesprini Chiropractic Life Center. Dr. Vesprini and I have worked together side by side since October 2001 where we began our journey with Dr. Lupo. We transitioned together when Dr. Vesprini took over the practice in 2009.

I am happy to be a part of this team and stand proudly next to Dr. Vesprini.

I have worked in the chiropractic field for 14 years and have witnessed over and over again the positive life changes that happen to a chiropractic patient. I believe chiropractic is not only a form of pain relief but also an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

In my free time I enjoy traveling, camping, reading and photography.

Meet our team in person! Call today to schedule: (313) 527-7070